The Corruptors

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Dr. Nethery

Dr. Nethery is an assistant professor of philosophy at a small liberal arts college in Florida. He is obsessed with hip-hop, science fiction, ice hockey, and cats. His areas of specialization are phenomenology, critical theories of race, and the philosophy of time.







Spring 2019

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Val is a bisexual genius of color who loves sunflowers, positivity, and linguistic activism. As such, her commentary will often reflect these themes. Her hobbies include ghost compilation videos, stand-up comedy, and intense bouts of self-reflection.

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Erin is a Maryland native pursuing a major in philosophy and a minor in communications. It can be argued that she resembles, in part, an Elf of the Woodland Realm, what with her infinite wisdom, grace, and beauty. Nevertheless, she humbly accepts her role as “student”, and enjoys going to philosophy class and hanging out with her pets. 



Corinne is the primordial being from whence all eukaryotic life descended. She clawed her way out of the bubbling swamp around 6 million BCE. Since then she has developed an interest in multi-cellular functions, the central nervous system, bird watching, and college football. On a typical Saturday night you’ll find her doing puzzles (under 200 piece count, please) or playing The Sims. She is interested in moral psychology, existentialism, and corgi cross breeds. 

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